Our Recent Book Publications

Education That Works

Experiential Education complements the classical academic nature of the classroom-based college experience by bringing in direct experience with industry, non-profits, and governments. In 2017, Stellar wrote a book on this topic, Education that Works: The Neuroscience of Building a more Effective Higher Education. The book argues that due to how the brain works, students develop insight, maturity, and even a passion for their career growth, as well as key work-place skills and abilities that make them of good students, good citizens, and good employees.

Diversity at College

In 2020, eight lab members and recent college graduates produced a book, Diversity at College: Real Stories of Students Conquering Bias and Making Higher Education more Inclusive. The book is fully co-authored (not edited) and applies lessons from experiential education and social neuroscience thinking to five key student-centered stories, such as implicit bias or stereotype threat. The book was named as finalist for the 2021 Indie book awards in the social change category and serves as a basis for recent panel discussions.

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